Man giving up swearing for Lent getting it all out of his system now

Local Catholic Anthony Garippo is getting all the cursing out of his system now in preparation for his upcoming Lenten fast. 

Garippo, 25, said that he gives up swearing every Lent to try and finally break his bad language habit. And while he never could quite finish the whole season successfully, this year he thinks he figured out a surefire solution.

“I realized I’m always trying not to swear even before Lent, and so by the time Lent starts I’m just too tired,” he said. “So this year, I’m getting it all out of my system now. That way, I’ll be ready to go by Ash Wednesday!”

Garippo gave himself complete and total license this week to say whatever came to his mind, regardless of how crass or offensive it may be. He says it has “felt good,” and he’s confident that he’ll be able to stop by Wednesday. 

“I’ve [censored] got this,” he reasoned. “There’s no [censored] way I’ll [censored] have more [censored] [censored] [censored] curses [censored] left in me to [censored] swear at [censored] all, [censored]!”

At press time, Garippo was seen cussing out a local barista for getting his order wrong.