Matt Fradd starts more radical podcast, ‘Keg Stands with Chesterton’

STEUBENVILLE, OH—The host of the popular Catholic podcast Pints with Aquinas dropped a bombshell announcement yesterday of a new, more radical podcast, Keg Stands with Chesterton.

Matt Fradd, the creator and long-time host of Pints with Aquinas, is no stranger to taking on new projects. The popular Catholic apologist had written several books concurrent with his speaking tours, anti-porn advocacy, and academic pursuits. However, he appeared to be slowing down to focus more intently on his Pints with Aquinas podcast, which in recent years has taken off in viewership and audience reach. 

“Jus gooz ‘ta sher ‘ya norbady ken stuff me in eh piggy-wiggy,” Fradd said in unintelligible Australian. 

The new podcast, Keg Stands with Chesterton, will reportedly take a more radical stance on issues producers deemed too controversial for Pints with Aquinas. 

“Chesterton famously said, ‘In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe, and the Cross can all fit together.’ Matt wants to take that idea and run with it,” Fr. Gregory Pine, frequent co-host of Pints with Aquinas, commented. “Now of course, we already know everything about this thanks to Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae, Secunda Secundae Partis, Question 150, Articles I-IV. But always fun to explore I guess.”

Fradd said the new show has episodes already recorded like “Anti-Pope Bergolio strikes again,” “The problem is the ‘New Mass’ of the Council of Trent,” and “Why Elizabeth Warren should rule us as our Goddess-Queen.” The show is slated to premiere next month exclusively on the SoundCloud profile whoseyourfraddy345.

Originally published Dec 1, 2022