Taylor Marshall defends his burning of the Westfold

Controversy erupted this week in the Rohan community over Dr. Taylor Marshall’s involvement in the burning of the Westfold. 

Marshall long ago admitted bankrolling the armies of Dunland and Orcs that ravaged Rohan’s countryside two years ago. But his funding of the attack has recently come under renewed scrutiny after Dunlander magazine Rorate Caeli called it a shameless publicity stunt Marshall leveraged for views, with far-reaching consequences for the people of Dunland whom Marshall pretends to represent.  

According to sources inside Edoras, Marshall’s actions came to the attention of Théoden, King of Rohan, and weighed heavily into the King’s subsequent suppression of Dunland’s traditional rights and privileges. 

But Marshall still defends his actions, saying his involvement was justified and even necessary to preserve both Dunland and Rohan. Before the burning of the Westfold, Théoden threatened Dunland’s integrity by consistently ignoring threats from Mordor, and even appeared to bring Enemy-sympathizer Grima Wormtongue deep into his council. Marshall says he had to organize the burning of the Westfold to purge the Kingdom from the influence of the Enemy. 

Rorate Caeli has responded with calls to boycott Marshall and his work and seek reconciliation with the King as the only way to reinstate Dunland in the eyes of the royal court. Many, however, fear it is already too late as King Théoden tragically was slain in the Battle of Pelennor Fields.