Jesuit parish’s tabernacle stolen; no one notices

CLEVELAND, OH–Another tabernacle has been stolen from a Catholic Church, this time from a local Jesuit parish. Fortunately, nobody noticed and the theft has not impacted the spirits of the faith community.

The parish’s janitor first reported a possible theft yesterday. He estimates the robbery occurred sometime over last weekend. 

“I was putting away my mop when I noticed something seemed off,” he said. “There’s no cameras in there so it’s hard to say, but I’m thinking someone pried it from the wall a few weeks ago.”

Parish life continued unabated without the theft being noticed. 

“I don’t blame them for taking so long to find out,” a parishioner said. “It’s in a closet behind the sacristy, so no one really goes by there to see if something is wrong.”

The pastor said the parish will beef up its security slightly after the incident, but thankfully everyone has already moved on.