Man Confesses sin of scrupulosity for the third time today

Local Catholic Tim Keegan has confessed the sin of scrupulosity three times today alone. 

The notorious repeat offender went to Confession before the early Mass at Our Lady of Peace Parish in North Augusta, South Carolina in order to repent of his scrupulosity. But by the time the noon Mass came around, Keegan couldn’t shake his anxious doubts that his Confession had been invalid.

“I know the priest said the right words, but was I truly sorry?” Keegan thought to himself. “I just said my sins without perfect contrition…oh no, I committed the sin of presumption again!”

A helpful friend reportedly convinced him that he had not committed the sin of presumption, but the sin of scrupulosity. Keegan went back to Confession before the noon Mass to repent of this fresh fall again. But immediately upon leaving the box, his conscience was plagued again. 

“Oh boy, I just remembered yesterday I told the waitress I was doing ‘OK’ when I was really doing pretty good,” Keegan lamented to himself.

He went right back into the Confession line to confess the sin of lying, and the sin of scrupulosity one more time just to be sure.

At press time, Keegan was observed standing in the evening Confession line at a neighboring parish. 

Originally published Jan 29, 2022