Celibate German Bishops still claiming gays need marriage to be happy

GERMANY—A vast number of unmarried German bishops are still asserting that people cannot be happy without getting married. 

The men whom the Church asks to remain celibate specifically are referring to other men the Church asks to remain celibate, claiming that it is simply impossible. 

“Those with homosexual inclinations must have the freedom to marry members of the same sex, because otherwise they are doomed to a miserable life of abstinence and continence,” a priest-spokesman for the German Bishops’ Conference said. “God is good, so He couldn’t possibly call someone to such a horrible, unmarried existence.”

The Bishops of Germany have increasingly opposed the Vatican’s ban on same-sex marriages and same-sex unions, landing them in hot water with the unmarried Pope Francis. Several German clergymen have spoken out harshly against this backlash, with one anonymous German bishop asking, “What could the Pope possibly understand about this question? He’s not even married.”

When asked what they thought of the Church banning same-sex marriage, hundreds of thousands of divorced Germans said that “they aren’t missing much.” 

Originally published Aug 1, 2022