Cafeteria Catholic has already served 67 lunches today

Local “Cafeteria Catholic” Nancy Yauger has reportedly already served 67 lunches today alone. 

Sources say Mrs. Yauger, 54, was “on a roll” today as she piled green bean slop onto plastic trays with hypnotizing precision. The kind, gentle woman showed her dedication as she piled up miniature cartoons of chocolate milk for easy access at the end of the line. 

She was apparently unphased by ungrateful children’s refusal to even say ‘thank you,’ a typical hazard of the job. After the mid-morning rush, she was still on pace for 250 lunches, and showed no signs of slowing down.

When asked what she was going to do after such a hard day’s work, Mrs. Yauger said that she couldn’t “wait to get home to my wife.”