Queen Elizabeth unable to enter heaven until King Charles moves out of check

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly pinned outside of heaven pending King Charles further action, according to various heavenly sources close to the situation. 

Queen Elizabeth lived an upright Christian life despite the pressures of her office, and after a short time in purgatory was scheduled for heavenly advancement as would be typical. However, angels are running into difficulties due to her relationship with her son, King Charles, who is currently in check. 

“Rules are rules—no souls may move when the King is in check, except for to block or remove the check,” a 1000-eyed angel told The Daily Inquisition. 

The King has reportedly been placed in peril due to several erroneous moves by other pieces, especially Rook Harry and Knight William. The most recent misfire came when Rook Harry released a tell-all Netflix documentary alleging various improprieties in the royal family and especially Knight William; since then, King Charles has been exposed to the attack of both the Journalist Bishops and the White Suburban Pawns. 

Queen Elizabeth herself, however, says she’s “not worried,” since the King’s check will go away “as soon as Elon tweets anything.”