Steven Crowder and The Daily Wire feud over liturgical rubrics

Right-wing pundits Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire were caught feuding last week over the proper interpretation of the liturgical rubrics. 

Crowder posted a video blasting his once-friend Ben Shapiro in which he leaked Shapiro’s copy of The Roman Missal. Crowder said that he was going to celebrate Mass with Shapiro when a disagreement over the proper formulas erupted, which Crowder felt needed to be made public. 

“Big USCCB is in bed with Big Con,” Crowder said, holding up notes he found in Shapiro’s Missal like “facing the people ONLY” and “NO Latin here.” 

Shapiro fired back on social media expressing his dismay and outrage at Crowder’s actions, which he takes to be a personal slight. 

“The idea—the idea that someone could take a private conversation between friends and gossip about it publicly–I just don’t know folk,” he said at barely-comprehensible speeds. 

Shapiro said that he and Crowder were negotiating liturgical design for a funeral for Crowder’s grandma that Shapiro would concelebrate to show his support. 

“All those notes are for my own private celebrations,” Shapiro said. “In a pastoral setting I always negotiate how Mass is celebrated to fit with whatever is best for the joint venture.”

“This is pretty standard stuff folks,” he added.