Oh no! This spirituality book is on the importance of daily prayer, discipline

Local Christian Emma Jerchevsky was looking forward to an uplifting, affirming book to advance her spiritual life. Unfortunately, what she got was something much different.

Friends say the 26-year-old had been struggling with her relationship with God, which had gotten dry and cold. So at the advice of her therapist, she started looking for books to rejuvenate her spirituality. 

That’s when she says things took a turn for the worse.

“Book after book has been urging daily regiments of prayer, self-sacrifice, and almsgiving,” she sobbed into the arms of one of her girlfriends. “I was really hoping this one would be different!”

Sources allege Jerchevsky got a copy of The Gospel of Luke, which repeatedly emphasized the constant, daily demands of discipleship. Frustrated, Jerchevsky turned to a priest for explanation, who “only made things worse.”

“He was telling me that I should try and pray at least 15 minutes a week for starters, and maybe attend one Sunday liturgy a month,” she got out between tears. “And next, he ‘suggested’ I pick one night a week where I go to bed before 2 am!” 

She broke down weeping again, as her friends gathered around to comfort her. 

“That is just so unfair!” her friend Emah said. “Doesn’t he know how anxious you get before bedtime?”

Her other friends nodded in affirmation, before adding that they would never sit back and let someone speak to them that way. 

“I can’t accept a spirituality that doesn’t let me go full goblin-mode whenever I’m feeling tired,” Jerchevsky said. “I would think God of all people understands the importance of self-care!”

At press time, Ms. Jerchevsky has reported finding “peace” in the writings of Joel Osteen.