Scandal as more Vatican II documents found in Taylor Marshall’s home

DALLAS, TX–Lawyers for the prominent Traditionalist Taylor Marshall announced that more Vatican II documents have been found in his home, fueling further allegations of corruption.

A claimed opponent of Vatican II, Marshall vigorously condemned the Traditionalist bishop Athanasius Schneider after he allegedly hid Council documents in his personal residence. When Schneider denied wrongdoing, Marshall ordered his followers to attack the bishop’s residence and throw his statues in the nearby river. 

Critics say that he is employing a double standard now that similar documents have been found in Marshall’s own residence. To date no legal action has been filed with the court of public opinion. 

“We see here the classic hypocrisy of the Novus Ordo so-called ‘Traditionalists,’” SSPX district director Fr. John Fullerton opined.

Supporters of Dr. Marshall say there are important differences between Bishop Schneider and Marshall’s behavior surrounding Council documents, and that a simple mishap should be forgiven.

“Dr. Marshall would never intentionally read any Vatican II documents,” a spokeswoman for his brand said. “He was just as surprised as you when he heard the discovery.”

She added, “He suspects the material belongs to one of his 27 children, and will discipline them accordingly.”