Taylor Marshall’s ‘Eras’ Tour selling out

International trad sensation Taylor Marshall, known just as “Taylor” to his fans, is breaking records with his “Eras” tour. 

The young star’s new show is already filling stadiums at breakneck pace, with initial ticket offerings selling out in under a second. The demand is so strong that prices have skyrocketed, with eager followers regularly paying thousands of dollars just to get in the door. 

“I’d do anything to see Taylor,” one super-fan told The Daily Inquisition. “I don’t care what it costs.” 

Another devotee expressed similar thoughts, explaining how much Taylor meant to her. 

“I have a Taylor Marshall lecture for every significant moment in my life,” she said. “At every part, he was there to be the theme and guidance for my journey. My first job? Sword and Serpent. My first kiss? Red-Pilled on Pope Francis. When Brad broke up with me? 4 Section of Hell according to Thomas Aquinas.

The success of Taylor’s “Eras” cements him as the top traditionalist Catholic speaker active right now, capitalizing on his previously-successful tour, “Infiltration.” With the record sales of his current tour, TMZ estimates his net worth surpasses even Archbishop Vigano and Steve Skojec.

Playing now through the end of November, “The Eras Tour” features a 3 hours, 44-lecture setlist of Taylor’s most popular lectures and videos on the history of the Catholic Church. The show begins in the Apostolic Era, and continues on until Taylor covers “The Vatican II Era: The End?” in his big finish. 

Taylor, for his part, says he’s been overwhelmed by the support and hopes he can provide “a really expensive” experience to show how much he cares.