‘The Daily Inquisition’ realizes it hasn’t been posting everyday; changes name to ‘The Tri-Weekly Periodic but Recurring Inquisition’

UNDISCLOSED BASEMENT–The human cockroaches behind The Daily Inquisition had a revelation after posting the 150th article of the publication’s history. 

The beloved news outlet had only been releasing articles three times a week, despite claiming to be a “daily” inquisition. In keeping with their commitment to combat misinformation, the publication is changing its name to The Tri-Weekly Periodic but Recurring Inquisition.

“Wow, only took them 150 articles to figure it out,” the disgraced founder Mr. Smoke told us. Smoke was removed from his position as President and CEO of The Tri-Weekly Periodic but Recurring Inquisition after posting that he liked LOTR: The Rings of Power on social media. 

“You know, this sort of embarrassing thing would never have happened under my tenure,” the morbidly obese dungeon master continued. 

“And what a dumb name. I would have come up with a much better name for the publication, not like those stupid names they named it. I mean, if I had more time to think of a name at all.”

Mr. Smoke put on a cardboard knight’s helmet and added, “Now if you’ll excuse me, the Gondorlorians are awaiting their Grand Paladin.”

At press time, Mr. Smoke was insisting that The Tri-Weekly Periodic but Recurring Inquisition was his first idea for the name and all credit should go to him.