Baby leaves absolutely disgusting green mess in diaper in honor of St. Paddy’s Day

Local baby William “Goo-Goo” Haydensen was getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit all on his own, according to his vomiting parents. 

“Ok bud, let’s see what yo–BLARRRRRRFFFF” his father, Richard, told our reporters. He gagged and stumbled as he caught a whiff of the shamrock-colored pile his baby had produced in celebration. 

Richard Haydensen struggled to compose himself as he tried and failed to remove the sopping wet fabric. Baby Haydensen giggled adorably as he observed his dad collapse onto the carpet, diaper still in hand. His mother walked into the room to investigate just in time to witness another burst of green slime paint the wall of the changing table. 

“WILL!” his mom screamed before likewise passing out. 

Eventually, William’s mother woke up and managed to get the diaper secured in a plastic bag. 

“I don’t understand…we’re not even Irish,” the baby’s father muttered as he slowly came to. “And it’s not even St. Patrick’s Day!”

Baby Haydensen only smiled at his parents, letting them know he planned to keep the celebration going for several more weeks to come.