New Google Pixel lets you erase Pope from your favorite photos

We’ve all been there–you snap a perfect pic to capture the moment, only to realize later there’s an embarrassing Pope Francis in the background. Fumble!

But now the folks at Google have found a solution with their new Magic Eraser on Google Pixel 7. The photo editing tool automatically deletes unsightly Popes with just a swipe of the finger, and allegedly will work even on old photos. 

The Magic Eraser is backwards compatible with the Pixel 5 and 6. But it comes standard on the Pixel 7 along with the new Photo Unblur tool, which corrects distortion or other visual noise. Combined, these features give you complete control to remove Popes, Cardinals, or even stuffy Monseigneurs from pictures of your trip to Vatican City. 

In fact, the Magic Eraser can erase any unwanted object from the photos of your spring break in Rome. Pleased customers have already used it to purge memories of embarrassing pasta mishaps, weird Italian fashion, or even unseemly-looking gypsies begging for coins.

The tool still isn’t perfect, though. While it smoothly erases almost anything, it doesn’t yet work on Pachamama statues. But a Google spokesperson confirmed even this will be resolved with the next major update. 

Count us excited!