Op-Ed: I told you so! Catholic President ends abortion in America

All you “Catholics” out there who told me I have to vote Republican because of abortion, this one’s for you. 

Time and time again I was told that the Republican candidates were the ones to stop abortion. I kept hearing, “They appoint pro-life Justices to the Supreme Court! They’ll outlaw abortion in this country!” 

I saw right through that. Everyone conveniently failed to mention one important point about these Republican “pro-life” candidates: they were Protestant! But it is the Catholic Church that most firmly stands against abortion.

So, when CATHOLIC Joe Biden ran for office, I knew right away he would be our nation’s best chance of overturning abortion. And, what do you know, I was right. ALL the non-Catholic Presidents have failed to end abortion regardless of their political party. Six Republicans, three Democrats, eight Protestants and one Muslim. All couldn’t end abortion. But just ONE Catholic President and Roe v Wade is overturned before the midterms! 

You idolize Reagan, the Bushes, and Donald Trump. But Joe Biden did what your heroes could not. That’s because you got caught up looking at a candidate’s partisan rhetoric, and failed to look at what really matters—their Catholicism. That’s why I voted for Joe, and I’d do it again and again if I could! Because he’s only getting started. Now that he made such swift work of abortion, I can’t wait to see how Biden tackles other Catholic issues in this country! I can only assume he will next tear down the LGBQT lobby, but maybe he’ll first declare Jesus Christ as America’s King. I’m not going to tell the guy how to do his job. And I don’t have to, because I just know he’ll do whatever he can to bring this country closer to Christ and His Catholic Church!

So now that all you “Catholics” want to hop on the Biden bandwagon, I won’t stop you—but just remember that I was here first. 

Originally published Jun 29, 2022