Priest who hasn’t groomed his face in a while must be pretty holy

Local priest Fr. James Camilla has gained a reputation for holiness, according to sources familiar with his facial hair. 

Observers note that Fr. Camilla wasn’t thought very highly of until a few months ago, when he suddenly stopped grooming his face altogether. In the subsequent weeks, more and more Catholics found themselves forced to conclude that he is well on his way to complete union with Christ. 

“He’s just so holy and committed,” parishioner Andrew Zironi said of Fr. Camilla. “I mean, you must really have died to the world to walk around with THAT on your face.”

Many also seemed to suddenly appreciate Fr. Camilla’s commitment to celibacy after observing his untrimmed beard. 

“I feel safe around Fr. Camilla,” Catholic female Tina Reyes told us. “I never need to question his commitment to keeping women a significant distance away from him as is proper for a priest of Jesus Christ.” She later added, “And I certainly never have to worry about having any awkward feelings for him myself.”

But it wasn’t simply his facial hair that inspired admiration of the holy priest. Many also noted the expression on his face as equally important for their perception of him. 

“You can tell by the way he’s always frowning and looking grave that he’s passing through the third dark night of the soul,” student Jamar Bransten said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile or laugh since he grew out that long beard. He’s on his way for sure!”