Local church hangs BLM flag next to a white-looking Jesus painting

The local St. Dymphna Parish continues to fly a “Black Lives Matter” flag in addition to their regular artwork depicting Jesus as a white European. 

The New Hampshire church first put up the BLM flag in response to the 2020 death of George Floyd, which triggered massive protests across the country and widespread condemnations of racism. Soon after, the parish added another flag to the inside of the church right next to a mural of a Caucasian Jesus blessing white children. 

“We really hope these symbols inspire others to fight racism in all of its forms,” pastor Chaz Pennysworth preached in front of the mural. “It’s what this guy would want,” he said, pointing to the painting of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jesus. 

The congregation of mostly upper-class white women enthusiastically agreed. Murmurs of “Amen!” and “Mm-hmm pastor!” broke out as the sermon continued.  

“We have the power to end racism forever!” Fr. Pennysworth said softly. “Here, in this church, we are all brothers and sisters.”

After the homily, the white cantor led the congregation in the offertory hymn, “Go Tell it on the Mountain.”