Patrick Coffin awaiting invite to Papal conclave after Pope Benedict’s passing

Patrick Coffin is eagerly awaiting his invitation to the upcoming Papal conclave to elect a new Pope after Benedict XVI’s passing left the seat vacant. 

Papal conclaves are the gatherings of Cardinals to elect a new Pope after the existing Pope’s death or resignation. Coffin, the long-time host of Catholic Answers Live, claims he was secretly named a Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI after breaking the news that the latter was still the legitimate Pope. 

“I’m waiting for my letter any day now,” Coffin told The Daily Inquisition. “I can’t wait to go to Rome and elect a new Pope—the sooner we get one on the throne, the better I say!”

While rare, long periods without a Pope are not unknown in the history of the Church. There was no Pope for two years in the late 1200s due to a gridlocked conclave, and more recently from 2013 to 2021 when Coffin convinced the Church that Francis was an anti-Pope. Many fear Pope Benedict XVI’s recent passing will create a long-lasting vacancy yet again, as anti-Pope Francis may use it as an occasion to promote his legitimacy. 

“It would be a big detriment to the Church if a stalled election cast doubt on who wielded Papal authority,” Coffin mused. “In these dark skies facing the Church, we need a decisive election from the College of Cardinals to clearly and quickly give the faithful confidence in our new Pope.  That’s why I’m ready to participate at a moment’s notice.” 

He added, “I’ve already booked my plane ticket. Let’s get this show on the road!”