China finally releases COVID-20

WUHAN—The People’s Republic of China finally announced the long-anticipated COVID-20 is set to release globally next week, much to the excitement of devoted fans.

Their most recent installment, COVID-19, was released over three years ago and became an instant surprise hit. After the global success of COVID-19, however, PRC appeared to slow development of the future COVID series, but instead focus on minor updates to the existing COVID releases. 

“We all loved COVID-19, but then they started trying to monetize by releasing WAY too much DLC,” local COVID-fan Richard Dreiss told us. “Don’t get me wrong, I was excited for the initial updates like everyone else. COVID-19: Alpha, COVID-19: Beta, and COVID-19: Gamma were good micro-updates to tide us over. And the major COVID-19: Delta and DELTA: Ultimate releases were even better.”

“But after that they sold out,” fellow gamer Cynthia Lucas chimed in. “They rushed to release the OMICRON update, and ended up having to do an endless series of patches!” She rolled her eyes. “Security patch P681H, graphics patch N440K—give me a break.”

PRC assured fans COVID-20 was in development, but resisted giving a definitive release date. Instead, all fans got was a short teaser trailer released in conjunction with Omicron patch B.1.1.529-S477N. But today, in what has become their calling card, they announced the surprise release of a full COVID-20 package. Global availability is slated for next week, but modified packages are already in select markets. 

As they did with COVID-19, PRC is keeping many details of COVID-20 secret until the general release in an attempt to raise anticipation. However, from early releases we know it boasts an impressive array of technical specs, plus some brand-new features and gameplay. Users will be able to turn on a special “Panic Mode” for added difficulty, and the popular “Containment” challenge from COVID-19 has been revamped in a new “Withstand: ZERO” multiplayer PvP mode. PRC also claims the connection issues that plagued COVID-19’s first few releases have been completely fixed with their innovative J.A.I.L driver software.

The only downside: the price. COVID-19’s success has driven up demand, and PRC is limiting copies for pre-ordering. Several early adopters have complained that they’re download links just keep reinstalling COVID-19 instead, as the COVID-20 supply remains scarce. 

Be sure to claim your copy as soon as possible!