Biden takes on Trump campaign with ‘Magic: The Democrats’ digital card set

Joe Biden is releasing his own trading cards in the form of a Magic: The Gathering expansion pack, according to a statement from his campaign. 

The digital card set will feature new creature and enchantment cards based on popular Democratic lawmakers and policy agendas. All cards are fully compatible with Magic’s basic deck, and serve as the base for an upcoming fully-licensed spin-off named Magic: The Democrats. 

Donald Trump released a series of digital trading cards earlier this month. The cards were wildly popular, selling out in minutes, putting pressure on the Biden campaign to respond. Sources within the Democratic Party say they fear the card release positions Trump well ahead of the 2024 Presidential election’s early voting. 

“Folks, I have a major announcement,” President Biden said in a press conference on Tuesday. “The Trump campaign thinks it can wow voters into submission. But as always, they underestimate both the American voters and my campaign’s inginipity!” 

“Now I admit, his trading cards were impressive,” Biden continued. “But we’ve put together something better. Our new NFT Magic: The Democrats card set is a real donkey-waggler if I ever saw one!” 

Many expect Biden will release a follow up deck catering to progressive Catholics after Trump pandered to traditionalists with his Archbishop Vigano card pack. Close observers noted Magic: The Democrats are missing cards for Biden, Pelosi and JFK, as well as other prominent Catholic Democrats. Speculation is that these have been reserved for a follow up Catholic release. If true, the move would continue the trend in both campaigns of ramping up their rhetoric aimed at pleasing Catholics, who make up about 20% of the voting population.

Magic: The Democrats goes on sale for $99 per card next week. 

UPDATE: The cards are already sold out as Berkshire Hathaway, BlackRock, Inc, and The New York Times have pre-ordered the entire set.