Man still praying for Pope Benedict’s soul must be a huge lib

A local man is feared to be a huge liberal after multiple sources report he is still praying for the repose of Pope Benedict XVI’s soul. 

José Iglesias, 26, has offered his Rosary everyday for the late Pope since his passing on December 31. 

“Doesn’t he think Benny is a Saint already?” asked Tyrone Washington, who hasn’t prayed for the Pope at all. “He must not think Benedict’s in heaven because he was too ‘traditional.’ What a big lib.” 

Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral took place January 5. He was laid in state and buried underneath St. Peter’s in a simple coffin. Though controversial among secular and progressive voices, conservative Catholics are confident in his sanctity and importance in the history of the Church. 

“Bro, his funeral was like 2 weeks ago!” Lawrence Reynolds told us. “He’s got to be in heaven by now. Praying for him anymore is just a waste of your time.”

Despite this news, Iglesias said he was going to keep praying.

“I guess you’re one of those progressive weirdos who thinks Benedict needs Purgatory time for not agreeing with you enough,” Reynolds added with an eye roll.

At press time, The Daily Inquisition learned many Traditionalists don’t bother praying for Pope Benedict either, but because they think he’s in Hell.