Archbishop Paglia eats a foot

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, made headlines yesterday for consuming a whole foot in front of a group of reporters. 

The Archbishop called a press conference for the occasion, before fancy waiters brought out the human appendage with a side of melted butter. He proceeded to bite the foot with gusto, occasionally dipping bits into butter until the entire limb was finished. 

This is not the first time Archbishop Paglia has made waves for eating feet. Since his appointment as Academy President in 2016, the Archbishop has publicly eaten feet at least three times, with perhaps many more undocumented, private foot tastings. 

When questioned about his consumption habits, Archbishop Paglia only responded: “The important thing to remember is that Jesus only has one nature–a human nature.”

The Pontifical Academy for Life could not be reached for comment.