Fetus looking forward to voting pro-choice one day

Human fetus Charlotte “Little Bun” Jackson is looking forward to voting for abortion one day. 

The 22-week-old person told the Associated Press she wanted to become an advocate for reproductive rights upon entering the outside world. 

“Frankly, if women like me have a prayer of surviving in this capitalistic world, we need reproductive freedom,” Charlotte said. “How am I supposed to succeed and thrive if I’m chained to a baby for nine months?”

Charlotte told reporters in a man’s world, women like her often have no choice but to sexualize their bodies as instruments of power. But that sexual freedom is only possible if women can avoid the consequences of their actions just as effectively as men can. 

“Look, I’m not naive–even with contraception, accidents happen. I mean, look at me!” Charlotte mused. “So tell me, how can I live as a woman unless I have a way to walk away from those accidents and continue with my lifestyle? That’s why I can’t wait to get out there and vote for the abortion freedoms we women need to develop.”

Despite her tender years, Charlotte was sharply aware of the harms pro-life legislation is doing to people like her. 

“Women are literally dying because they don’t have access to abortion-healthcare. So I urge all my fellow women to rock-the-vote for the pro-choice cause. It’s literally a matter of life and death!”