FBI sting operation uncovers domestic heresy in Catholic Church

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released details of a months-long sting operation aimed at detecting and combating domestic heresy within the Catholic Church.

Burt Macklan, a senior official within the agency, outlined how several federal officers worked undercover to infiltrate the Church. The agents got close to prominent clergy and Catholic institutions, allowing them a raw and inside look at the allegiances of these figures.

“We found several strains of domestic heresy we judged to pose a threat to the integrity of the Faith in America,” Macklan said. “Among the most prominent threats were far-right Latin supremacists and LGBQT extremists.”

He added, “Though several other notable militant and heretical groups were uncovered as well, including ‘Vatican II Fanboys’ and someone named ‘David Haas.’”

Thanks to the devoted effort of the FBI, the heretical threats were neutralized before they could do any significant damage to the Church. Several arrests were made, though details on the identities of the perpetrators have yet to be released pending a hearing. 

The agency’s report also told of many other threats of doctrinal extremism that require continued vigilance.

“Be sure to thank your boys in blue the next time you see them,” Macklan said. “It’s thanks to them that you can sit and worship peacefully, safe from any prying eyes or bad actors!”