Op-Ed: Clergy Abuse never happens in Traditionalist groups

You probably saw on Twitter by now that the Protestant Revolutionaries are facing crisis over reports of covered up sexual abuse in their clergy. This time it’s the Southern Baptists, but I’m 100% confident that it’s a problem shared by all other Protestant “churches.” And of course, this is just a few years after Novus Ordo Catholics were in crisis themselves over similar accusations of priest abuse. 

It’s time to finally admit the obvious—this is all a symptom of the loss of Tradition. Traditional Catholics never have to face accusations of sin or misbehavior. Notice how its only post-Vatican II groups, like Baptists and Catholics, that have reports come out detailing abuses. I’ve never seen an abuse report about priests who exclusively say the Latin Mass. Why? Because only the Latin Mass gives enough grace to resist the devil and the desires of the flesh. 

Indeed, I don’t know a single Traditional clergy member who has ever done anything wrong, besides mispronouncing some of the prayers at the foot at the altar. Our priests are set apart, untouchable by corruption and evil, elevated far above the unwashed masses of laity who struggle with sexual impurity. If someone told me my SSPX priest abused them, I would immediately know they were either lying or confused him with a Novus Ordo priest. 

Or a Baptist minister, apparently. Though frankly I never could tell much of a difference between those professions. All of this should be a call to self-described “Christians” everywhere to repent from their Modernist heresies and worship God as He wants to be worshiped: exclusively in Latin. A return to the Traditional Latin Mass would not solve all of the problems seen in these “churches,” but it would solve most of them. And it would at least solve the problems of clergy’s sexual sins and institutional failings. Definitely.

Originally published May 23, 2022