Divine Physician raising prices on non-emergency appointments

The Divine Physician is raising non-emergency costs across offices nationwide, according to a recent press release from the practice spokesperson. 

The international healthcare group is the world’s most popular source for physical and spiritual healing, though numbers have trailed off in recent years. And while the practice has had thousands of minor assistants, medical care is still based around a single practitioner called “The Divine Physician.” 

“The Divine Physician has been offered free or nearly-free healings for over 2000 years, and hopes to do so for many years more,” a spokesperson said. “However, due to declining participation amid the constantly increasing healthcare costs, it’s no longer feasible to provide care at our previous price-point.”

“So in order to continue to provide quality healing for the future, we need to raise prices on all non-emergency care and appointments.”

The cost increase is just the latest in an industry-wide trend to wrestle with rising medical costs. Experts say these trends have been around for a while, but have recently been exacerbated by regulatory changes, rising prescription costs, and continued fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It’s getting hard to pay the bills,” said one local mother feeling the financial strain from rising costs. “Between medical appointments, medicines, and the other basic necessities of food, gas, and housing, who knows what we’re going to do!”

Despite the pressure, she says that she has no plans on switching doctors.

“Thankfully, the Divine Physician offers a great ‘poverty plan’ that really pays,” she said. “So no matter what, we’ll stick around!”