Family narrowly avoids bankruptcy by turning off the dang basement light

WICHITA, KS—The O’Malley family missed financial ruin by mere cents last week after one of the children forgot to turn off that darn basement light again. 

Peter O’Malley, 7, went downstairs to get some snacks and failed to turn off the light upon returning upstairs. Witnesses report the light remained on for several minutes, bleeding away thousands of hard-earned dollars into wasted electricity. 

“We turned it off just in time,” Mrs. Emily O’Malley said. She was referring to Peter’s older brother Kevin, 11, who ran downstairs and flipped the switch off when the catastrophe was first noticed. Mrs. O’Malley says that thanks to his quick thinking, the family would be able to sleep with the heat on tonight. 

“Bless that boy! If we used up even one more watt we would’ve been out on the street,” she remarked. 

At press time, the O’Malley’s achieved financial security once Mr. O’Malley finally turned off his PlayStation 5.   

Originally published Oct 11, 2022