Delusional idiot still thinks local politics matter

Local moron Kylee Rouspar is still under the impression that local politics matter, according to several sources close to her. 

“I’m not all that concerned with national politics,” Rouspar blathered. “We live in a federal system, and meaningful change happens most at the local level where ordinary citizens can get involved.” 

Everyone around her just rolled their eyes at the naiveté she displayed. 

“Someone really should break it to her that local politics is dead,” long-time friend Kaylee Gaspar said about Rouspar. “I mean, doesn’t she realize by now that we’re really governed by a centralized overlord hundreds of miles away?”

Other friends expressed similar sentiments when Rouspar told them she was helping out with a city councilman’s campaign. 

“She’s unaware that all the issues that affect her daily life are decided on the macro-level for the entire country of 320 million people,” her sister Aubrey Rouspar muttered. “Sad, really.” 

But Rouspar seemed undeterred as she went door-to-door handing out information on her candidate’s proposed housing reform. 

“Pfft, as if that matters,” Gaspar chimed in. “Doesn’t she realize we’re governed through a bloated shadow-bureaucracy and unaccountable courts and corrupt legislators?”

At press time, Rouspar’s city council candidate lost after his party withdrew funding for not aligning with their national platform.