Local Christian starting to worry his ‘F—- Biden’ sign not actually spreading the Gospel

NASHVILLE—Local Christian Paul McCormick is beginning to worry his political yard sign isn’t working as intended.

The middle-aged man first purchased the sign, which cusses-out President Biden, in November of 2021 amid frustrations with the current administration’s economic, foreign, and social policy. 

Sources allege McCormick intended the sign to evangelize his neighborhood against the evils promoted by the Biden administration.

“I felt it was my duty as a Christian to preach against what was happening,” McCormick told us. “But I’m starting to doubt whether its really working. I mean, inflation is still up, international war has increased, and abortion is on the ballot in all fifty States.”

McCormick, who hasn’t been to church since COVID-19 shut down his local parish, feels like his community activism still fulfills the essence of his Catholic faith. But despite “doing the Lord’s work” for years now, McCormick confided to his friends that he’s starting to feel burnt out.  

“I dunno guys,” he told his poker buddies. “Maybe political yard signs and Facebook posts aren’t the best way to spread the Gospel message. It doesn’t seem to be working anymore.”

At press time, McCormick had renewed confidence in the power of his yard signs after his friends reminded him, “They helped get Roe overturned, didn’t they?”

Originally published Jul 18, 2022