Venison feels like part of the family after 10 years in the freezer

A family is mourning the loss of venison that had become “part of the family” after 10 years in the same house together. 

The McPhearsons had to get rid of the venison after a power outage caused the meat to spoil. The family gave a tearful goodbye to the beloved sack of meat, which they dropped off at a local farm for composting. 

“We knew this day was coming,” the eldest son Adam said. “You could see it getting old. But it still just seems sudden, you know?”

Mr. McPhearson decided to focus on the positives, remembering fondly all the good times he had with the carcass. 

“I will always remember the day I brought it home,” he said fondly. “The kids were nervous at first, but they learned to love it.” 

“I just feel blessed to have had 10 wonderful years with the little bundle,” he added. 

The venison came from Mr. McPhearson’s first and only deer, after purchasing $2500 worth of hunting equipment in the summer of 2010. The family ate a quarter of the kill, but found it couldn’t finish the rest and forgot about it in the bottom of the frozen drawer.

At press time, Mrs. McPhearson was heard muttering “it’s about [expletive] time” that her freezer had room again.