Column: Disney refusing to show gay scenes in Chinese releases is an inspiration to us all

Anyone who follows me knows I’m not a big fan of Disney. Except for Star Wars, Marvel, and their classical animations, I’ve all but disowned them for their wokeness. 

That’s why I was so inspired to hear that Disney has stood up to the woke mob recently by still refusing to show LGBQT scenes in their Chinese releases! 

It seems like everything they put out now has some unnecessary gay kiss or implication, seemingly just to appease the wokesters. I’ve been screaming at them for years now that enough is enough, and they seem to have finally heard me. Despite pressure from the liberals, Disney only releases edited versions of their content in China that cut out any gay implications. 

Now that’s how you stand up to the gay communists who run this country, and I can only assume also run Communist China. I bet Disney had to sacrifice some profits, but it’s worth it to stand up for the principle that marriage is between a man and a woman! 

Sometimes we’ve all got to make sacrifices to do what is right, and though I’m surprised to say it, it seems Disney is leading the way for us all. I was boycotting Disney+ and only watching it on my friend’s account, but after seeing them turn over a new leaf I think I’ll get an account myself!