Trump to roam earth a while longer before being finally cast down

The People of God looked on in trepidation as it became clear that Trump would still roam the earth a little longer, as his final trial and binding in prison isn’t scheduled for several months from now.

Trump was indicted and arraigned for 37 felony counts of mishandling classified information, giving hope that he may finally be cast into the lake of fire. However, a federal judge barred the archangels from acting until the appointed time, meaning Trump can continue to work his mischief on the earth. 

The GOP prophecy, sponsored by the Lincoln Project, predicts that whoever’s name is not found written in the book of donors would be cast into the lake of fire, which is political death. Spiritualists have long known Trump, the great deceiver, would be the first of the wicked to be overthrown, but many are not sure when this precisely will occur. 

“I thought for sure his hour was over at last, but it appears the reckoning is still to come,” former Attorney-General Bill Barr lamented. “Alas, the GOP [God’s Only Party] will continue to groan in expectation!”

At press time, Trump was finally defeated when God’s two prophets, Chris Christie and Lindsay Graham, testified against him.