Op-Ed: Woah, did you just see that crazy light coming from Jo and Anne’s house??

Oh my goodness, did you see that?!

I swear I just saw a crazy bright light coming from old Joachim and Anne’s place. I promise I’m not crazy, but it looked like a huge flash, almost like some apparition or something. And if my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me it came from inside the house! 

Trust me, I’d be able to pick out Jo and Anne’s house from any place in Nazareth. I go there practically every Wednesday to try his newest batch of wine he gets from his brother-in-law in the hill country. No joke, that must be the best stuff in all of Nazareth. I don’t know how he affords it–word is his niece married a rich priest and sends some of the leftovers to relatives. 

Sometimes I sample a little too much and stay late, so I can pick out that street even in the dark. And it was definitely coming from their block. Maybe it was that crazy ball lightning thing I heard about from a soldier; he says that lightning can sometimes ball up and move along the ground before bursting. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, I told him. 

If it was that it sounds serious. I sure hope they’re ok! They’ve got a lot on their plate already caring for that young daughter of theirs in their old age. I’m pretty sure my daughter would play with her sometimes–Mary, I think her name is. 

What a nice girl. She’s always so respectful and pious. I hear she’s getting married soon too, though I still haven’t received an invitation. Jo says it’s going to be a small wedding. The groom is a bit older and a little modest. I told him a wedding’s a wedding, and something worth celebrating. Especially if he brings his niece’s wine! We had a good laugh at that one. 

Anyway, I hope she’s alright too. She’s such a sweetie. I better head over there tomorrow just to check in!