Campbell’s announces new ‘SpaghettiO-Antiphons’

Campbell’s brand soup products have been a cultural icon for over a century now, but that is not stopping the company from expanding operations. 

At least, that is according to Campbell’s CEO Mark Clouse, who recently announced a new product promotion on the familiar “SpaghettiOs” canned pasta. The company says they are releasing a limited-edition “SpaghettiO-Antiphons” series for Advent 2023. 

“The new SpaghettiO-Antiphons cans will be filled with the same SpaghettiO noodles and sauce you love, but with an added twist,” Clouse said in a press release. “Each can will feature specialty antiphon noodles in addition to the famous “Os” each with their own unique flavor!” 

Cans will only be labeled with the overarching “Antiphons” flavor, without specifying what specific antiphon flavoring is included. Each can will have one of seven potential antiphons printed on the inside of the pop top, so they can be saved.

Clouse added, “Customers can try to collect all 7 varieties to unlock even more special Campbell’s-themed prizes and merchandise!” 

Campell’s says prizes can be seen on their website, which is still being updated to reflect the promotion. But crafty soup fans have already uncovered several potential winnings, including a lifetime supply of cream of asparagus soup and a trip to the Holy Land. 

The antiphon specialty names and flavors have also already been leaked. The series will include:

Sapientia—Sweet and Sour Tofu

Adonai—Burning Cajun

Radix Jesse—Radical Radish

Clavis David—Parmesan Chicken

Oriens—Spicy Sriracha

Rex gentium—Hearty Pork

Emmanuel—Sweet Chili

Excited customers are looking forward to purchasing the specialty SpaghettiOs, but unfortunately they will have to wait until closer to Advent. Campbell’s says the cans won’t hit grocery stores until Halloween.

Count us excited!