Catholic commentator not banned from social media must not be that into it

Catholic cultural commentator and Youtuber Aidan LeCroix isn’t very good at his job, according to new evidence that he hasn’t yet been banned from social media platforms. 

LeCroix, who’s bio says he “preaches the truth of Christ to a culture unwilling to hear it,” still had access to his Youtube channel and Meta accounts as of his most recent video, “Marvel movies: going downhill?”

“It’s 2023 and you haven’t said something to get you banned yet?” passionate cultural warrior Donald Trump said. “Weak.”

“There really is no other explanation other than he’s just not been trying very hard,” fellow Catholic commentator Cecilia Gretchen said on Truth Social. “Between COVID, Dobbs, Pride Months, and transgenderism, how can you not say something ban-worthy by this point?”

At press time, it’s become clear LeCroix is just an undercover FBI agent after his latest video, “Homosexuality is a mortal sin!” wasn’t taken down.