USCCB concerned Respect for Marriage Act is a threat to their relevance

WASHINGTON, DC—President Biden signed into law the “Respect for Marriage Act” yesterday, codifying same-sex marriage into federal statutes—and the bishops are concerned. 

“There are obviously great concerns for religious groups here,” USCCB General Secretary Fr. Michael Fuller said. “But the greatest concern is that it proves no one respects what we say anymore.”

The bill was signed into law by a Catholic President, and passed by almost all of the 158 Catholic members of Congress. The bishops have voiced strong opposition to the bill as both dangerous to religious liberty and grossly contrary to Catholic belief. 

But the biggest fear among the bishops is that the bill’s success shows that society views them as a morally bankrupt cabal fit only for the dustbin of irrelevancy. 

“I sure hope this doesn’t have any negative implications for the continued relevance of our institution on the public policy conversation,” Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles said. “I don’t think it will, but sometimes it does make you worry!”

Fuller was similarly reflective.

“Could our repeated history of mismanagement have led American Catholics to disrespect our authority and teachings?” he asked no one in particular. “No, I don’t think so—the people love us.”