Op-Ed: If we were REALLY good Christians, we’d want to nuke Russia

If you ask me, there’s a lot of SPINELESS Christians out there in America right now. There is war in Europe, and the only Christian response is to unleash the full power of America’s nuclear arsenal in retaliation. 

Putin’s naked aggression cannot be tolerated if we are to still call ourselves a Christian nation. He has invaded a country much smaller than his for no good reason, forcing his people to go along with war by his authoritarian, undemocratic rule. The only response is punishing those same Russian people with sanctions, espionage, and thermonuclear annihilation until they grow up and fight back against Putin’s war crimes. 

Didn’t Jesus say something about “sticking up for the little guy”? Well, we need to heed his message and stick up for Ukraine by obliterating 20 million Russian civilians with a 300-kiloton nuclear warhead launched straight into Moscow. 

We’ve got to ask ourselves—what would Jesus do? And I think its clear Jesus would use all of his divine power to call down fire and brimstone to destroy his enemies. Since we have that divine power in the form of Trident II D5 SLBMs, we must do the same if we are to still be the world’s foremost Christian nation. 

This is so obvious that I’m frankly disappointed American “Christians” are even debating it at all. It really shows the decline of religion in this country that more people aren’t clamoring for fiery revenge, as a good Christian should. Sad!

Originally published Feb 28, 2022