Dr. Taylor Marshall wins Presidency, declares Marshall Law

Dr. Taylor Marshall has declared “Marshall Law” across the entire United States in the first move of his inaugural Presidential term. 

Dr. Marshall, a well-known Traditionalists Youtuber, was proclaimed President by popular acclaim shortly after announcing his candidacy May 13. Once inaugurated, he immediately set to work on his “Christ the King” platform, suspending civilian rule and declaring a new assault in the cultural war. 

“Citizens! Time does not allow for long speeches,” Marshall said in a television address. “I do not speak of time by the clock, but of historical time, which is now quickening its beat!” 

The President continued. “As promised, abortion, same-sex marriage, and contraception has been made illegal. However, the hour is later than we ever knew!”

With rising agitation, Marshall explained that the normal civic freedoms must now be restricted.  

“Effective immediately, we are entering a period of Marshall Law. All Protestant and Novus Ordo churches are closed, pending further review, and the self-proclaimed ‘press’ is henceforth under government control.”

The President next addressed the minority of Americans who he anticipates will question his new programme. 

“Catholics: when do you want to begin to defend yourselves? When the enemy’s knee is on your chest? Wouldn’t it be better to begin a little earlier? Wouldn’t it be better to begin to-day when it would not cost so much, rather than wait until to-morrow when it might be disastrous? One is either the hammer or the anvil!”

As the Presidential speech aired on public broadcasting systems, city halls were emptied and blackhawk helicopters dropped commandos into strategic areas to enforce order. 

“It is necessary to act, to move, to fight and, if necessary, to die. God bless you all.”

Though criticized by some former members of Congress, at press time Marshall Law is polling highly among normal Americans, who “were tired of that democracy thing anyway.”