Sad: That spam-looking email really did have an amazing offer for you, but you turned it down

Welp, you blew it. You know that email you got and then deleted because you thought it was spam? Well, it wasn’t spam, and it just cost you an amazing new offer of biblical proportions. 

This is on you, really. I mean, how much clearer could I have been that that email was NOT spam? I specifically wrote “thisi s not spam! dunt delete” in the subject line. Sure, I know I wasn’t very concrete about what the offer was either, and asked that you first click on that link I embedded in the email and input your personal information—but trust me, that is just so that I can connect you to the large sum of money/amazing job offer/romantic partner as fast as possible. 

Oh well, too bad. These kinds of deals don’t come around that often. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to helping you out—but I guess that’s life. Next time be more careful!

Originally published Jun 25, 2022