‘I didn’t raise my kids to do something like this!’ says mom who raised kids to do exactly this

Multiple sources report that Catholic mother LouAnn Corbett expressed shock at the recent actions of her children, despite making little effort over the years to dissuade them from such a path. 

The outburst allegedly occurred when Corbett heard her son had stopped identifying as Catholic. 

“What?? I raised my kids better than that!” she said, despite rarely taking her son to church or attending herself. 

“My faith is the most important thing in my life, and that’s a value I tried to instill in my children,” Corbett sighed, forgetting she hasn’t seen the inside of a Catholic church since 2007. “How can this happen?”

Corbett immediately called her son to try and talk him out of his decision, unaware that this was the first conversation about God they had had in 15 years. Her son said “maybe he’ll think about it,” indicating he would not think about it.

“Oh no, my poor boy!” Corbett said. “What would his grandma think?”

At press time, the dismayed parent was seen doing mindfulness meditation to console herself.