BREAKING: Jennifer Lawrence is wearing a coat

BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer Lawrence was seen wearing a coat on the sidewalks of New York City yesterday. 

It was an absolutely stunning fashion choice we’ve come to expect from the cultural icon. Or, maybe it was a tragic faux pas that shows just how far the celebrity has fallen. To be honest, it was hard to get a good look at her before we were tackled by her bodyguards.

The popular actress was dressed in a black peacoat, probably wool, and appeared to be wearing some kind of clothes underneath. She also had on makeup and had her hair in some kind of configuration. 

The coat might have been a Moncler, which just seems like the perfect choice for a casual stroll down Wall Street. The rich black overcoat paired with the glimmer of a Tiffany earring set compliments the perfect amount of eye-shadow, and we are loving it. 

Of course, it might have just been an Amazon Essentials trench coat, in which case: girl, pull yourself together! Wearing such a rag with cubic zirconia earrings is just so beneath her, and honestly she needs to respect herself more. 

Either way, this is clearly a bombshell appearance from the 4-time Academy Award winning actress. This story is developing, and we will continue to release details as they become available.