‘If God’s so good, why’d he create me?’ Atheist asks in devastating argument

Thousands of believers had their faith shaken yesterday by a new argument from atheist David Griffin. 

The confident non-believer challenged a Christian believer, 89-year-old Doris Yakich, as she was entering church for Sunday services. The 21 year old in a fedora laughed at her, before unleashing a knock-down argument against her religion.

“Going to church I see! What a sheep. God isn’t real!” He continued, “You say your ‘god’ is good. But if he’s so good, how come he created me?”

Yakich stumbled backwards in horror as the absurdity of her life-long religious belief instantaneously became clear, while Griffin smirked in pleasure.

To prove his point, Griffin kicked a puppy that was strolling by on the sidewalk, causing Yakich to break down in tears. The pastor, Fr. Robert Spitzer, came rushing out to see what was wrong before he, too, collapsed in tears as the argument became clear to him. 

“Truly, only an evil creator could produce something like this,” Fr. Spitzer said as he gazed upon the condescending smirk still on Griffin’s face.

At press time, Griffin’s argument was shown to be ineffective against trads, for some reason.