Local Catholic can’t wait for next Papal funeral

Local Catholic Clyde Weatherspoon is looking forward to the next Papal funeral, according to various sources close to him. 

“That was just SO beautiful,” Weatherspoon said after the funeral’s live stream, tears in his eyes. “Just a wonderful witness to the life of Pope Benedict XVI, the love the world has for the See of Peter, and the continuity of the Church through the ages.” 

“I’m looking forward to the next one,” he added. 

Weatherspoon joins many Catholics around the world who love the Papacy so much that they can’t wait to witness another beautiful Papal funeral. 

“It’s times like these that you even see the secular media covering the Church in a positive, even reverent light,” Weatherspoon told us. “If you ask me, we should have one again next year!”

He continued, “Yep, something about a Pope’s death really brings out the best in us all!”