Modern-day St. Francis rebuilding church in Minecraft

A gamer described as a “modern-day St. Francis” was seen rebuilding a ruined church in Minecraft. 

Greg Peters, known as xXMustardXx to his disciples, first took an interest in restoring the church after witnessing the laxity on what used to be his good Christian Minecraft server.

“People were out of control,” said xXMustardXx, father of 3 real-life children. “I would log on for hours everyday, and ALWAYS ended up hearing at least one ‘heck’ or ‘darn it.’” 

The virtual Saint realized something had to be done to restore virtue to the pixelated world, and so started rebuilding various church buildings around the map that had been neglected. 

“No one had done much with the churches for a while. Creeper blasts, griefers with TNT, or lightning strikes really did a number on them, and they were mostly destroyed,” he said. “That is, before I heard the call.”

xXMustardXx began to restore the builds in a moment of what he called “divine inspiration.”

“I heard a voice–so soft I could barely hear it–that it was time to do something with my life,” xXMustardXx recalled. “My wife says it was her telling me to turn off my computer, but I believe.”

The player started out simply, only building in survival mode with resources he gathered himself. But it wasn’t long before xXMustardXx was joined by other members of the gaming community who found themselves yearning for greater purpose. 

“I’ve been so caught up in designing automatic redstone farms that I forgot what really matters,” said Bobo_Clown87, one of xXMustardXx’s early followers. “Just good, simple gaming. Mustard is calling us back to that.”

“Sure, it’s been difficult,” xXMustardXx said. “I have to spend several hours a week on the project. A few weeks I even had to miss Mass.” 

“But it’s worth it knowing you’re doing the Lord’s work.”

At press time, xXMustardXx’s children wanted to help him rebuild the church, but he told them it was “adult” work.