Trump expands trading card deck with new ‘Vigano Series’

Former President Donald Trump announced an expansion to his popular digital trading cards with his all new “Vigano Series” NFTs.

Vigano and “Lady Liberty”

The expanded deck features Archbishop Vigano, an ardent supporter of Trump and a leading voice in the traditionalist Catholic movement, mimicking a variety of Trump’s poses in the original deck. The NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are now for sale starting at $9.99. President Trump has promised additional prizes and gifts to anyone who buys the entire collection, including a dinner with Archbishop Vigano himself in an undisclosed location.

Vigano as a baseball player

The new NFTs depict Archbishop Vigano as a superhero, a baseball player, a hunter, and a stock trader, among other scenes.

Trump previewed the release by declaring he had a “major announcement” on Twitter last week, which since has been widely criticized. Many on the Left ridiculed the announcement as a farce and a shameless money grab, while even many Republicans critiqued the move as tactless and harmful to Trump’s 2024 campaign efforts. Even Traditionalists have decried the collection for depicting Vigano out of clerics.

However, despite the backlash the NFTs sold out in 6 minutes after being bought up by a mysterious “taylormarshall1274” Reddit account.