Jesuits worry Fr. James Martin turning trad as he appears in clerics

Fr. James Martin has long been a star among Jesuit communities—but many ranking Jesuits are concerned he’s becoming a trad, according to multiple sources close to the situation. 

The concern began after Fr. Martin appeared on “The View” in a short sleeve clerical shirt with the top unbuttoned. Jesuits mostly avoid clerics, following the example of their founder, St. Ignatius. 

“The typical habit of us Jesuits is khakis and a red sweater,” Superior General Arturo Sosa said. “St. Ignatius is seen clad in such wear from the earliest Jesuit paintings. To see Fr. Jimmy ignoring actual history and dress up according to some romantic historical fantasy makes me worried he’s becoming a traditionalist.” 

Several concerned Jesuits allegedly reached out to Fr. Martin expressing their concern and asking him if everything was going OK. 

“I’m just worried about you, man. You don’t seem yourself lately,” one note read. “Call me—I’ve told the Swiss Guard to patch you through immediately.”

For his part, Fr. James Martin seemed dismissive of the fears and said he has no plans to change his habits. 

“Pfft, typical Jessies. Why don’t they get back to undermining the Church and leave me alone?” he said. “Stupid libs.”   

Fr. Martin could not be reached to clarify his statement.