Unaware Man still sharing his Wordle scores

Local man Philip Reinhold was reportedly still sharing his Wordle scores on social media, despite the trend being long dead. 

“Wordle 5/6, really struggled with this one!” he posted on Facebook yesterday. Even though the post got 0 likes, he appears committed to doing it again tomorrow. 

“Wow, get with the times,” a long-time friend said behind his back. “No one cares about your achievements unless they can compare their own achievements to yours.” 

Reinhold’s girlfriend Amy Zittle complained, “It’s getting old. His constant Wordle posts clog my timeline and distract me from political rants and toxic TikTok trends.”

She sighed, “Don’t tell him, but I had to unfollow his account.”

Reinhold told The Daily Inquisition, “I just enjoy Wordle, and want to share my likes with my friends and family. Call me old fashioned, but isn’t that what social media is for?”

At press time, Reinhold put away Wordle and started playing with his fidget spinner.