Elderly person in Adoration chapel either dead or just deep in prayer

Witnesses at Immaculate Conception Adoration Chapel were unsure yesterday whether the old person praying with them was dead, or just really deep into his prayers. 

Sources say the man, probably 109, was sitting perfectly still in the chapel for several hours. 

“He never even signs up for a holy hour slot,” Adoration coordinator Sr. Anne Hathaway said. “But basically every day he still comes for the 4pm through 10am hours.”

Fellow adorers reportedly kept checking over their shoulder throughout their holy hours to see if he had stirred, totally ruining their contemplation. 

“I think he’s breathing?” adorer Michelle Patterson muttered to herself. “At least, I thought I saw his chest rise slightly just now…or was that just a breeze from the air conditioner?” 

At press time, adorers left the man to either his prayers or his grave because “it was too awkward to check.”