Taylor Marshall expands to ‘OnlyFans’

Popular Traditionalist commentator Dr. Taylor Marshall expanded his operations last week, opening up an “OnlyFans” account to supplement his YouTube and social media presence. 

The subscription service, controversial for its allowance of hardcore pornography, allows “artists” to interact directly with their subscribers. Subscriptions exist at various levels, ranging from allowing buyers to simply watch Dr. Marshall’s exclusive videos to debating him on the Novus Ordo via video chat.

Dr. Marshall’s office said that the new addition “should greatly expand our ability to monetize, which is great for everyone.” 

His office also released the following statement to accompany any press releases on this new subscription service:

“Dr. Marshall wants all his fans to know that OnlyFans is a terrible website, promoting immense evils such as pornography and sexual exploitation. Under no circumstances should a Catholic engage with this media service, unless of course they are buying my OnlyFans subscription for $15.99 a month—then it’s definitely worth checking out.” 

Originally published Aug 12, 2021